Friday, April 12, 2013

Testing monitors needed!!

Aimee Winton, Counselor is asking for our help! She sent this message to PTO President, Patti Nelson:

It looks like it comes out to about 56 openings.  It is a daunting task which I have taken on alone for the last 15 years. Your helping is amazing!!  I have 6 teachers at the lower that will need someone from 8:30- 9:45.  I have 4 fourth grade teachers that will need someone from 8:30-9:45.  I have 4 teachers in fifth (I have already covered one) that will need someone from 8:30-10:45.  The days needed are April 16th through the 19th."
I have a chart that I will plug names in as they come in.  I try to keep the monitors consistent in the classrooms.  If someone is willing to do multiple days, they will return to the same classroom.  If you could either forward me your responses or send me a collection of names and what they are willing to do I will plug them into the chart.  It might be helpful also if someone doesn't want to commit to days but would be willing to "fill in" for people that cancel last minute.
We are looking for as many volunteers as possible. Even if you can only help one day out of the four please contact Mrs Winton and let her know you can help. Or contact us here, on FB, or if you know a PTO member and we will get you set up. Its your involvment that will help the PTO bring help where it is needed in our school district!
Mrs Winton's office is at the Lower Elementary. The phone number there is 918-865-4334.
Please step forward and help if you can and thank you very much!

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